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October 7, 2012

Dear Sagrario,

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me for all of my aches, pains, and stress. Now that I have Bell’s Palsy, I appreciate even more what you, acupuncture, and the Chinese herbs are doing to help me heal quickly and completely!

When I first went to the physician 15 days ago, the right side of my face was completely paralyzed. My right eye was tearing continuously, and I was scared out of my wits. When he diagnosed me with Bell’s Palsy, we discussed my treatment options as colleagues. I was not the worst case he’d ever seen, nor was I the mildest. He estimated that I would be mostly recovered within about 2-3 months. He prescribed corticosteroids to reduce inflammation on my Cranial #7 nerve, and suggested that I try to take it easy and get some sleep. He also suggested some gel lubricant for my right eye, as well as an eye patch and tape to close and protect my right eye at night.

Before I left his office, I asked about acupuncture, as I had already been seeing you for wrist, knee, and back pain as well as to help me deal with stress in more healthy ways. We skimmed a Cochrane Collaboration Review about Bell’s Palsy together, and while the research was not plentiful or well-designed, it did suggest that acupuncture might be helpful and in no case had it been found to produce negative side effects (in contrast with just about every other intervention that was reported in the review). He encouraged me to follow through and I made an appointment to see you the next morning.

The drive to your office was scary. I could not see very well out of my right eye, and my left eye is very weak. You used points that were new to me, but they produced a tingling sensation right away, and that tingling has not stopped!

In these last 15 days, I have traveled half-way around the world to New Zealand to attend the annual colloquium of the Cochrane Collaboration, and had some of those points stimulated while there by a ND who is an expert on Chinese Medicine, but was eager to return to you for the full treatment. He thought that the protocol you are using with me was exactly correct!

Here it is, Day 15, and I have recovered much of the movement in my face, although it still droops a bit, especially at night. When I focus on my breathing, as you showed me, I can feel the energy flowing through my facial nerves. I have confidence that I will heal completely, and look forward to extra sessions for the next couple of weeks to ensure that my body will continue to heal itself!

I’ve attached 3 photos, so you can see the difference!

Day 2
Sorry about the exposure. Still, you can see how distorted my face is.
Day 8
In New Zealand. No more eye patch! You can see more definition around my mouth, but my eye still looks pretty strange.
Day 15
This was this morning. Pretty miraculous, if you ask me!

Because we don’t know what might have happened to me without the acupuncture, it is difficult to know for sure just how much it has helped my physical symptoms, but I know that it has helped my pain and stress!

Thank you, Sagrario!

Jo Yaffe, PhD

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