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Why take Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years by indigenous healers. Many of the Chinese medicinal herbs grow right here in the Americas and some of these Chinese medicinal herbs are use every day in many of our kitchens; for example ginger root and mint.

Herbs Jars

Medicinal herbs help harmonize our body's energy by improving blood circulation and enhancing the nervous system; they help to tonify and detoxify internal organs. There are hundreds of Chinese medicinal herbs, some are as mild and benign as the Goji berries others may be as strong and potentially harmful as Ma huang, which helps with asthma. A very good herb can be harmful if it is not prescribed by a trained herbalist. At Acupuncture for Life, LLC, Sagrario will work with you to tailor an herbal prescription to attend to your specific health needs.


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